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Make Access Easier!

***Please note, if you are a hearing person it is illegal to request an interpreter for a show without there being a need for it.

However, you can contact LiveNation and Ticketmaster to request a link be added to their site for greater inclusion and to make requesting interpreter accommodations easier. As it currently stands, a person must purchase tickets first before requesting accommodations; however, a Deaf or HOH person needs some kind of assurance that an interpreter will be provided, which is not often the case.

You can also reach out to your favorite artist on social media and ask them to provide an interpreter at their show for more inclusiveness.

Be sure to use the hashtags #SignTheShow and #PutItInTheRider.

Need an Interpreter? Start Here!

***Please note, if you are a hearing person it is illegal to request an interpreter for a show without there being a need for it.

Accessible Integrated Media offers high quality ASL Media production by adding Sign Language Interpretation to any medium for any other pre-recorded content. (Black, women owned - Atlanta area)

DEAFinitelyDope specializes in providing music interpreting at concerts and festivals, as well as teaching online ASL lessons.

First Choice Interpreting is a Minority and Woman Owned business, providing American Sign Language Interpreters throughout the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, including Virginia and Maryland, and now, Virtually, around the globe. Their Interpreters have been evaluated and screened for their skills, experience, and professionalism to meet the needs of all of their clients and consumers.

Joyful Signing LLC provides American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting/transliterating services. Since 2009, Joyful Signing has provided over thousands of hours of quality services to Washington D.C. & Baltimore metro areas. We are committed to excellent customer service for our clients & Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing consumers with clear & accurate communication. (Black, woman owned - DMV area)

Line of Sight Interpreting specializes in ASL performance interpreting and large-scale events and promotes the values of language access and experience equity. LOSI provides high-quality skilled, seasoned and certified ASL interpreters as well as communication access consultation. For more information, contact Holly Maniatty, CI/CT, NIC:Master at

The purpose of the National Alliance of Black Deaf Interpreters is to promote excellence, empowerment and the continued growth of African American/Black professionals in the field of sign language interpreting in the context of a multicultural, multilingual environment. Check out their wealth of knowledge and resources here

Pro Bono ASL is a group of BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ professional hearing interpreters who use their hearing privilege to provide ASL access in all spaces. A focus on cultural competency helps to set them apart from others. They offer volunteer, reduced rate and paid interpreting services for both in person and virtual events, via our cadre of hearing and Deaf interpreters around the country.

Be More Inclusive — Learn Sign Language!

View self-paced American Sign Language (ASL) videos online by Dr. Bill Vicars at

Take online interactive lessons from DEAFinitelyDope at

There's also the Top 26 Resources for Learning Sign Language

Or, if you prefer face-to-face classes, your local community college, Adult education centers, or Parks and Recreation departments often provide ASL classes.

Language Acquisition and Support

Learn more about language acquisition for children 0 - 6 years at LEAD-K Family Services

LEAD-K Family Services works with the Hearing Coordination Centers under the Department of Health Care Services and the California Department of Education to serve families with Deaf and Hard of Hearing children. As the recipient of the 4-year federal grant starting in 2020 by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA-20-047), our services support the current Newborn Hearing Screening Program (NHSP) in California. Centralized services focus on connecting families with their local school district, Early Start home visit teachers, parent mentors, Deaf coaches, and other supports as outlined in an Individualized Family Support Plan.

Signing Families Corner includes resources for Deaf families including parents, guardians, grandparents and more who are raising Deaf, HoH or CODA (hearing) children.

How To Sign In BASL (Black American Sign Language)

What is Black American Sign Language?


The National Black Deaf Advocates (NBDA) is the official advocacy organization for thousands of Black Deaf and hard of hearing people in the United States. Black deaf leaders were concerned that Black Deaf and hard of hearing Americans are not adequately represented in leadership and policy decision-making activities affecting their lives so they established NBDA in 1982."

You can also visit the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) at